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Jazz Workshops
Ongoing workshops - Peekskill, NY

C.C.C.’s ongoing workshop series takes place weekly on Saturday mornings from 9 am to 1 pm in Peekskill, NY. Workshop fees are $30 per session. The jazz workshop series gives music students of all ages and backgrounds an opportunity to improve their jazz musicianship and performance skills alongside seasoned professional musicians.

For more information about the workshops, please contact Ray blue at or 646.319.8008.

Learn from the band stand.

Intensive sessions

These intensive sessions focus on developing individual virtuosity and musicianship that is needed for ensemble playing. The key areas of focus include:


  • Theory /Practice

  • Hearing Rhythms

  • Exploration

  • Musical Painting

  • Improvisation

  • Repertoire/Performance

  • Band Leadership Skills

A major component of the workshop philosophy is that we teach and learn “from the bandstand”. Being able to study with professional musicians, who provide feedback raises the level of all the ensemble members playing, and participating in the group’s regularly scheduled performances fosters confidence – newly developed skills and progress are brought to a new level.

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