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Educational Programs

 Cross-Cultural Connection, Inc. carries on the tradition of the work of Ray Blue, L.C.S.W, musician, educator and experienced Clinical and Educational Social Worker. He has developed educational programs that are available for classrooms In elementary, high school and university settings, community institutions and festivals.  A diverse team of music professionals perform and facilitate programs, which have been presented in the United States, Europe, South Africa, Zambia, Finland, Tanzania and China:


  • Artist-in-Residence Programs

  • Band and Ensemble Development

  • Jazz Master Classes

  • The Art of Listening

  • Empowerment/Anti-Bullying

  • Diversity and Effective Communication

  • Music Marketing

For more information about C.C.C. Educational Programs please contact Ray Blue at  cccjazzinfo@gmail.com or 646.319.8008. 

C.C.C. Scholarship Program

Cross-Cultural Connection, Inc. is committed to cultivating the next generation of jazz musicians. We believe that Jazz is America’s folk music, and that the culture and heritage of jazz, and the lessons it can teach us, are valuable for young people and should be supported and nurtured.  C.C.C. raises money through donations and fundraising events for a scholarship fund to help young musicians to pursue opportunities to advance their careers as professional jazz musicians. Each year scholarships are presented to students whom are chosen by the board of directors to receive an award.


Past recipients include:

  • Patrick O'Grady, 2015

  • Benjamin Haight, 2016

  • Darren Moore, 2016

  • Sean McQuaid, 2016

  • Benjamin Haight, 2017

  • Sean McQuaid, 2017

  • Benjamin Haight, 2018

  • Christopher Polloni, 2018


For more information about the C.C.C. Scholarship fund or to make a contribution, please contact Ray Blue at  cccjazzinfo@gmail.com or 646.319.8008


To make a tax-deductible donation, please send a check to:


Cross-Cultural Connection, Inc.

107 Armstrong Avenue

Peekskill, New York 10566

or donate online: